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Lean Transformation: The Implementation Planning Phase

by Mike on Thursday, April 04, 2013 2:37 PM
The Implementation Planning Phase of a Lean Transformation is dependent on the quality of the Diagnosis Phase. Don’t start the Implementation Planning Phase unless the leadership of the business agrees and signs off with the Design Phase document. The sign-off on the Design Phase document is a public statement that confirms leadership’s commitment to the new direction, as well as the necessary resources.

    • The Planning Phase provides the direction and accountability for the implementation of the new design. The development of the Plan consists of defining the steps needed to achieve the design objectives and creating the control infrastructure for daily and weekly implementation activities. The leadership must approve the plan prior to implementing the plan. The Implementation Plan is typically broken down into a number of work streams that tie back to the Design Phase Document and has duration of no more than 12 weeks. 
The steps for developing the Plan are:

    • Identify work streams, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and actions with change agents and shop floor stakeholders
    • Confirm implementation resources 
    • Define specific required actions from cross-linked initiatives
    • Determine OD strategy
    • Commit stakeholders (e.g. sign-off)
    • Communicate with involved personnel
    • Plan daily/weekly/monthly reviews with the appropriate stakeholders
    • Set-up control infrastructure
The actual work of Implementation is led by the work stream owners and the Lean Transformation team. The implementation plan is executed on a daily basis using the control infrastructure. It is important to note that this is an incredibly intense time for the business and requires dedicated leadership involvement.

There will be a tendency to push out the tasks defined in the Implementation Plan and leadership must hold firm with the plan. Throughout execution of the plan it is critical that the correct KPI’s are tracked to insure that the implementations of the changes are yielding the desired performance improvements.

The next phase, the Implementation Phase now becomes the critical focus of the work stream owners, the Lean Transformational team and the leadership in the business.

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