Katherine A. Hunter, Th.D. 
Vice President Operations

Having worked on various projects with Mike Stickler since 1985, Katherine Hunter joined Empowered Performance in 2006 as Vice President of Operations. Katherine first learned the business of defense contracting and manufacturing at Sikorsky Aircraft and Avco Textron Lycoming. Learning the business of manufacturing first, she then took her hands-on practical experience and moved into rapid application development with emerging information technologies. Understanding that computer automation of a dysfunctional system compounds the problems quickly, Katherine became skilled in evaluating and streamlining business operations to maximize the effectiveness of both human and computer-based data processing resources. This expertise served her well in her role as Senior Technical Support for Oracle Corporation during their early high-growth years and after as an independent consultant for non-profit, utility, commercial and defense clients.

Katherine has completed three advanced degrees in human behavior including a Doctorate in Transformational Psychology. She is passionate about transformation: transformation of business, company culture and individuals. Katherine believes that the success of an organization is directly proportional to the passion of the individuals to make a difference. She works with clients to leverage teamwork and collaboration as key components of sustainable performance.

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