Mike's work at Helene Curtis, while it was the world’s largest personal care manufacturing facility was very effective. During a 10% compounded growth period in sales and SKUs, we improved customer service from 97.4% to 99.2%, reduced inventory from $90mm to $57mm, improved inventory turn over 54%, increased plant throughput 37%, reduced plant headcount 19%, reduced manufacturing costs over $10,000,000
Jerry Zabel, VP Operations, Helene Curtis

Mike Stickler and his team worked closely with our newly formed executive team over several months and facilitated our development through the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. As a team, we were stuck in the forming stage and needed an external influence to kick-start our development. His approach with our team and his practical experience proved invaluable to the outcome. In six months, our team has developed substantially to the point that we are a true team, complete with trust, healthy conflict, shared commitment, accountability and results. Additionally, Mike served as a catalyst for our leadership team, and ultimately our entire company, to rally around an overarching goal, which has had a profoundly positive effect on our business performance.

Dave Moorehouse, P.E. General Manager – Sensor Electronics, Cobham Sensor Systems, Baltimore

Mike Stickler’s mastery of improvement methodologies combined with his determination to facilitate positive change makes him a valuable resource and ally. Mike has helped us improve performance in several areas. For years we had experienced capacity problems in our screw machine department. Mike helped us change a historical bottleneck into a department with spare capacity. He has also helped us change our approach to sales. Over the past year we have developed stronger relationships with existing clients and improved our prospecting activities. In general, Mike Stickler has a unique ability to simplify complicated concepts and processes. This has made it easy for us to understand and implement new problem solving tools throughout the company. Thanks for your help Mike.
Russ Scott, President - Duratrack, Inc.

I have worked with Mike and Empowered Performance on MRP II Class A implementations, Lean Manufacturing implementations as well as transforming organizational cultures for the past 13 years in different organizations. Mike is very intelligent and has a wealth of knowledge that is only gained through years of experience and by "doing". Mike has the ability to adapt that knowledge to different situations and businesses which is a tremendous value to his clients. His approach is not a "one size" fits all, which meets the changing needs of his clients.
Kurt Kobussen, Director of Business Improvement

I have worked with Michael Stickler and Empowered Performance a number of times over the past years in a variety of organizational settings. I have watched their tough-love, "what-do-you-mean-you-can't-do-it?" approach to consulting and executive education work wonders in all of these settings - even academic units of higher education! Mike and his team really know their stuff and bring to the job of improving performance a wealth of experience supported by continual research and mastery of the latest thinking and techniques in the field. If you and your organization are really serious about making change happen and reaching rigorous performance goals, Empowered Performance can get the job done.
Sandra Conn, Assistant Vice President for University Relations, Michigan State University

Working with Mike and his team proved to be a thought provoking and challenging process. Mike's ability to focus on the results rather than the roadblocks kept the team from stalling out. Mike has a unique perspective and provided insightful ideas for how else the work could be accomplished to keep the project moving forward. Through Mike's guidance and expertise we realized a 75% reduction in lead time while at the same time reducing inventories by 50%!
Ken Russel, Vice President Aftermarket Customer Support, Motor Coach Industries

Consultants sometimes get a bad rap, but they can be extremely useful if the right chemistry exists. The Empowered Performance team clicked with our leadership team immediately, even though our business was outside of their "normal" expertise. We are still benefiting from the initiatives they have helped us put into place.
Kim Ramm, Business Manager, DCPAH at MSU

Working with Mike and Empowered Performance has been an outstanding relationship. We've gained significant insight into how our organization is currently operating, laid groundwork for business and began a rollout to improve the measurements.
Dave Henry, Corporate Director of Information Technologies Material Sciences Corporation

Mike Stickler and his team from Empowered Performance worked with one of my groups to identify and eliminate waste and streamline production that resulted in product delivery time reduced from weeks to one week. Further, Mike taught my production and engineering people how to make continuous improvement in the manufacture of our engineered products.
Steve Schaefer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Paratek Microwave

I have worked with Mike on several projects during the past 10 years and have always found him to have exceptional insight on whatever business process he is involved in from the "front processes to shop floor operations to customer fulfillment. He and his colleagues have helped the organizations I have worked for drive true bottom line improvement by eliminating waste. Mike and his organization are much more than consultants. I view them as business partners working side-by-side with our team to educate and drive improvements throughout our organization.
Ron Connell, Operations Manager Alcoa/Reynolds Food Packaging

I quickly discovered that Mike Stickler uses a teaching approach when working as a partner as opposed to a traditional client-consultant relationship. This proved extremely beneficial in seeing improvements achieved while working with Mike and his associates. The real benefit was the ability to continue the improvement process relative to lean initiatives in the custom manufacturing environment even after Mike had completed his portion of the assignments. Team building, 5S and production time improvement were only part of what Mike taught us. The emphasis was not on specific tasks to be accomplished. Thanks Mike for the learning opportunities.
Don Proctor, Materials Manager, Moog Components Group

The thing about Mike Stickler is his eyes. He can come into your organization, and see how real sustainable breakthrough can be made. Then he can help YOU make it a reality. My background is in Six Sigma; both in manufacturing and transactional processes, and Mike challenged me to get the most out of every process we attacked. He comes with a roadmap and an attitude that will pervade your organization – period.
N.J.Turk Bridgestone Americas Director of 6s/IQS 


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