Onsite Visit: Objectives

This Introductory On-Site Visit provides an opportunity for Empowered Performance, LLC to become acquainted with your company's products, processes and people. It also allows us to introduce to you the capabilities and methodologies of Empowered Performance, LLC. 
More importantly, the visit is a forum for the company's management team to share specific problems, opportunities and improvement needs. Having a good understanding of your needs is essential for us to create a preliminary action plan.

Pre-Visit Preparation

To ensure the visit is productive, preliminary information (as appropriate) is gathered prior to the visit and may include: an annual report, a product catalog, an organization chart, current improvement plans, financial information, a business plan, and key performance measures.

Typical Agenda

Check in with the host and get ready for the 8:30 introductions.

Make a brief presentation about Empowered Performance, LLC. and discuss why we're here. This meeting includes the president and his/her staff.

Tour the facility

Speak with selected people to understand the company's needs. Interviews are generally 30 minutes.

Have lunch with selected management team members.

Continue Interviews

Prepare the Wrap-Up.

Conduct the Management Wrap-Up meeting. We will collaboratively determine if there is any interest in working together. If so, we will prepare a proposal containing project objectives, work steps schedule, resources, team composition, and costs. This proposal will be presented to the management team in a follow-up meeting another day.


Travel expense is the only cost for this one day visit. 

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