Values, Vision, & Mission Workshop

Setting direction for an organization, department, or group is vital to keeping everyone aligned. A company’s mission statement defines how they wish to be present in the world – how they show up to the tasks at hand. Vision defines where the company is headed, and Values are statements of what is important and why the company is headed in the direction it is going. Most companies manage to produce some type of mission and vision statement. Only a subset of these firms, however, give much thought to their core values no less make them an integral part of the process of defining their Mission/Vision.
An organization can not be clear about how it wants to be in the world (Mission) if it doesn’t know why it is going there (Values) or where it is headed (Vision). Success depends upon both clarity and alignment. How is your organization doing?

Do these conditions sound familiar?
• The company has multiple Mission Statements
• No one can remember what the Mission Statement is
• Programs and initiatives overlap and contradict each other resulting in conflicting priorities
• The Mission Statement never feels authentic or unique

The process by which you craft the Mission Statement
is as important as what it says.

In three sessions, Empowered Performance leads your team through a series of experiential exercises to gain alignment on the following questions:

• Who are we?
• What is most important?
• What criteria do we use for decision-making?
• Are company actions aligned with our values?
• What is the greatest vision we have for our organization?
• How will what we do make the world a better place?

1. Identification of the top 3 group values
2. Co-development of an inspiring group vision
3. Co-development of an engaging group mission

The goal of the workshop is to establish working Vision and Mission statements sufficient for group collaboration. Due to time constraints during the workshop, it is expected that specific language in the documents will continue to refine over the following days.

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