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Over the last thirty-plus years, our experience proves that there is a critical difference between education and training. We have helped thousands of adults learn and understand how to make their companies be successful. This success happens only when people become engaged in their work, are ready to embrace change, become innovative, and manage their own work environments. We believe that by separating education from training you can engage people in their work and release their full potential to help you run the business enterprise.
EDUCATION must clearly define “what” you want people to do. In addition, education must also make a strong case for “why” it is important. What direction does the company need to go and what methodology is going to be used to get us there? Why is there a compelling reason to make these changes? Education must clearly address these issues. Empowered Performance, LLC uses Courses to address these education issues.
TRAINING must clearly define “how” the chosen methodology works. For adults, this means some understanding of the principle techniques involved, examples of how those techniques have been applied by other people at other companies, and, most importantly, a “hands-on” application of the techniques by them, in their work environment. Empowered Performance, LLC uses Workshops to address these training issues.
Many programs address training only. We have found that if the “what” and “why” issues are not addressed, people do not understand the “how” training and, in many cases, reject it out-of-hand. Also, the education step alone does not create a bias for action without the “how.” Having Training without Education, or vice versa are two of the major reasons for the failure of so many business improvement initiatives.
Few firms are capable of addressing education AND training to provide a consistent methodology throughout the implementation of a complete business improvement initiative. We can. Our expert instructors are experienced.  They have educated and trained people at all levels of top-performing companies. Our instructors are leaders in the development and application of adult learning techniques. In addition, each instructor has counseled many types of business helping them attain significant improvements and repeatable results. Each instructor has successfully been there, done that…many times over. Our examples and illustrations are a reflection of our experience.
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