Hoshin Planning

An Innovative Methodology for the Vision-Driven Organization

Defining a dominate strategy is essential for long term success. Without execution, however, the best strategy is useless. Empowered Performance has developed a strategic planning process based on the Toyota(TPS) method that combines Hoshin Kanri with the most powerful innovation, value analysis, and change management tools available today, Daily Management. We teach you and your people how to use these tools through the Empowered Performance process.  Our process is designed not only to develop a dominating strategic plan, but also to create an organization that has a sense of urgency to carry out the plan and to identify instantly when they are off track.

Hoshin Planning
Drives a Dominate Strategic Transformation

The literal translation of Hoshin is "shining metal" or "guiding light", which symbolically conveys the idea of "direction-giving" or "compass". Kanri means "management". The Hoshin Process relies on the power of a shared vision. When everyone in your organization understands and personally supports the ideal vision, the entire organization can act upon it on a daily basis. Transforming an organization, aligning it to your strategic plan requires the orchestrated harmony of: Vision, Culture, Skills, Resources, Incentives, Process and Implementation. 

The following Courses and Workshops are available: 

Fast Start Hoshin Overview
Hoshin Strategic Planning Workshop
Daily Management Workshop

"Our organization had a large number of initiatives with loads of supporting documentation. We struggled for months with how to pull it all together and also how to maintain continuation of the process once the final "document" was created. Our big fear was that we would create a tome of really great information and ideas that would simply grow dusty on a shelf. The Empowered Performance, LLC Hoshin Strategic Planning Process allowed us to collect all of the initiatives in an easy to understand format that we could either document directly or link to eHisting documents. We were also able to consolidate all of our Balanced Scorecard measures into the same database. In less than a week, we had a working document with priorities and owners that everyone understood! When we presented it to the leadership team, many asked for access to the process so that they could use it for their individual team initiatives. Order out of chaos!"

Kim Ramm, Business Manager DCPAH

Mike and his team have assisted many companies with the Hoshin Strategic Planning Process. Call us to discuss how we can assist you. 708-220-7101



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